Wakayama Refinery

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Summary Information Ownership: TonenGeneral Sekiyu (Exxon) Website: http://www.tonengeneral.co.jp/ http://www.exxonmobil.com/ List of Exxon Mobil Refineries Location: Wakayama, Japan Capacity: 8.5 million tons/annum & 170,000 bbl/day Nelson Complexity: Refining Depth: Brief Description A complex refinery with cracking capability Refining Units Atmospheric Distillation, 170,000 Vacuum Crude Oil Distillation, 74,000 Catalytic Cracking, 39,000 Alkylation, 3,600 Catalytic Reforming, 23,000 FCCG Desulfurization, 14,000 Middle Distillate Desulfurization, 82,000 Terminal Capacity Crude Oil: Refined Products: Crude Supply - Products Produced The oil refinery produces not only gasoline and other oil products, but also lubricants for automobiles and machines, as well as feedstocks for petrochemical products. Ongoing Projects - Other Information - History 1941 - Refinery commenced operations 1968 - Hydrogen unit commissioned Relevant Links Japanese Refining Capacities Chiyoda Hydrogen Manufacturing Units