Sodegaura Refinery

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Summary Information Ownership: Fuji Oil (AOCHD group) Website: Location: Sodegaura , Chiba Prefecture Capacity: 7.0 million tons/annum & 140,000 bbl/day Nelson Complexity: Refining Depth: Brief Description Medium sized, medium complexity refinery Refining Units Atmospheric Distillation - 140,000 Vacuum Crude Oil Distillation - 60,000 Vacuum Residue Thermal Cracking (Eureka thermal cracking unit) - 30,000 Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) - 39,000 Reforming Unit - 38,000 Alkylation Unit - 4,000 Naphtha Desulfurizaton - 43,000 FCC Gasoline Desulfurization - 23,000 Middle Distillate Desulfurization - 63,500 Terminal Capacity Crude Oil: 1,139 Million Litres Refined Products: 1,443 Million Litres Crude Supply Kuwaiti oil is processed at the refinery Products Produced - Ongoing Projects See Sodegaura Refinery Upgrade Project Fuji Oil is upgrading the Sodegaura Refinery so as to meet demand shift from heavy fuel oil to lighter products in Japan Other Information - History 1968 - Refinery operations commenced 1971 - Isomerization unit commissioned 1976 - Expansion project added 40,000 bpd capacity & reformer commissioned 1994 - Thermal Cracking Unit revamped 1997 - Alkylation Unit commissioned 2003 - Gasoline Desulfurization Unit started 2008 - Capacity of FCC unit was doubled to 36,000 BPSD 2009 - Thermal cracking unit capacity increased 2010 - The capacity of the refinery was reduced by 52,000 bpd with the decommissioning of a CDU Relevant Links Chiyoda Crude Distillation Units Chiyoda Vacuum Flasher Vacuum Distillation Units Chiyoda Alkylation Units Chiyoda Isomerization Units Chiyoda Gasoline Selective Desulfurization Units Chiyoda Catalytic Reforming Units Chiyoda Thermal Cracking Units Chiyoda Sour Water Stripping Units Chiyoda H2S Removal Units With Amine JGC Refinery References Refinery Webpage Environmental Information Fuji Oil reinforced FCC Unit capacity Notice of reduction of petroleum atmospheric distillation unit capacity (Japanese)