Shell Port Dickson Refinery

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Summary Information Ownership: Shell Website: Location: Port Dickson, Malaysia Capacity: 7.5 million tons/annum & 156,000 bbl/day Nelson Complexity: Refining Depth: Refining Units Atmospheric Distillation Long Residue Catalytic Cracking Unit Platformer HDS Terminal Capacity Crude Oil: 11 Tanks Refined Products: 78 Tanks Crude Supply The refinery uses a wide range of crudes Tapis, Bach, Ho, Oman, Labuan, Minas, Murban, Bintulu, Ruby, Bintulu Condensate, Kekwa, XiJiang, Widuri, Cinta Products Produced LPG, Petrol, Kerosine, Diesel, Fuel Oil, Sulphur Ongoing Projects The company is adding a steam methane reformer as part of a clean fuels upgrade Other Information - History 1963 - Refinery commissioned, with a capacity of 20,000 bpd 1967 - Debottlenecking increases capacity to 30,000 bpd 1974 - New column added, increasing capacity to 75,000 bpd 1982 - Platformer added - Debottlenecked to 105,000 bpd 1999 - Shell completed a RM 1.4 billion investment in a Long Residue Catalytic Cracking (LRCC) complex. 1999 - Condensate splitter added 2010 - DHS project launched 2016 - Hengyuan Refining acquires the refinery Relevant Links Company Background Shell Refining Company Business Information JGC Refinery References Fluor Awarded Shell's Project Hijau Gasoil Phase-1 in Malaysia Shell Agrees To Sell Its Shareholding In The Shell Refining Company In Malaysia To Malaysia Hengyuan International Limited (Mhil) Full Fund Release of USD66.40 million for the H2GEN Project