SK Ulsan Refinery

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Summary Information Ownership: SK Energy Website: Location: Ulusan, South Korea Capacity: 40.2 million tons/annum & 840,000 bbl/day Nelson Complexity: Refining Depth: Brief Description One of the worlds largest refineries, Ulusan also very complex, being able to produce high value yields from heavy crudes Refining Units Atmospheric Distillation No. 1 Unit 60,000 No. 2 Unit 110,000 No. 3 Unit 170,000 No. 4 Unit 240,000 No. 5 Unit 260,000 RFCC No. 1 Unit 57,000 bpd No. 2 Unit 60,000 bpd HOU 45,000 bpd Terminal Capacity Crude Oil: SK Ulsan Complex has 34 large-scale crude oil storage tanks, storing 16 million barrels of oil. The largest tank is 22 meters in height and 86 meters in diameter. Refined Products: Crude Supply Crude oil is carried by oil tankers from the Middle East, South America, and Africa Products Produced LPG, Gasoline, Diesel, Jet Fuel, Asphalt Ongoing Projects - Other Information - History 1964 - Commissioning of first crude oil unit of 35,000 bpd 1967 - Expansion of refinery to 55,000 bpd 1968 - Commissioning of second train of 60,000 bpd 1972 - Commissioning of third train of 170,000 bpd 1974 - Expansion of second train to 110,000 bpd 1991- Launch of No. 4 atmospheric distillation unit (current daily production of 265,000 barrels) 1996 - Launch of No. 5 atmospheric distillation unit (200,000 bpd, gross capacity: 810,000 bpd) Jan 1997 - Launch of No. 2 heavy oil desulphurization plant (60,000 bpd) and decomposition plant (50,000 bpd) 2008 - Launch of No. 2 RFCC plant (60,000 bpd) Relevant Links Chiyoda Crude Distillation Units Daelim Oil And Gas Projects SK Engineering Projects SK Energy Plans to Shut South Korean Crude Units for Maintenance in 2011 The Ulsan Complex, SK Chem