Pakistan Refinery Limited (PRL)

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Summary Information Ownership: Shell Pakistan Limited, Chevron Pakistan Limited, Pakistan State Oil and The Dawood Group hold the majority shares of Pakistan Refinery Limited. Website: Location: Korangi Creek, Karachi Capacity: 2.5 million tons/annum & 47.110 bbl/day Nelson Complexity: Brief Description A hydro-skimming refinery which processes 50,000 barrels of crude oil per day Refining Units Crude unit - 47.110 Barrels per day Hydro Unit - 2.450 metric ton per day Plat-forming Unit - 500 metric ton per day. Isomerisation unit LPG Recovery Unit Terminal Capacity Crude Oil: Refined Products: Crude Supply Designed for Iranian Light crude oil Products Produced LPG UNLEADED GASOLINE KEROSENE JET FUEL JP-1 JET FUEL JP-8 HSD FURNACE OIL NAPHTHA Ongoing Projects A 5,000 bpd Isomerisation unit is being added On 22nd August 2006 the Board of directors of PRL approved the investment plan of 11 billions rupees for the up gradation of the refinery. A New Diesel hydrotreater, Visbreaker, Vacuum Distillation, Hydrogen Generation, de-asphalting, sulfur recovery and amine treatment units are expected to go into operation within thirty six months. Other Information - History In 1959 Pakistani Investors and major oil companies joined hands to set up the biggest oil refinery in Pakistan. In 1962, this idea was materialized in the form of Pakistan Refinery Limited 2014 - UOP awarded a contract to provide PENEX unit 2016 - Isomerisation unit commissioned Relevant Links Profile from Oil Companies Advisory Committee Honeywell’s UOP Technology, Modular Equipment to Help Pakistani Refiner Meet Growing Gasoline Demand Honeywell UOP Technology, Modular Equipment Powers New Clean Fuels Refinery in Pakistan