Oil Refineries

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The purpose of this section of the Wiki is to collect in one place, all information concerning refineries, both operating and projects.

Global Refineries is an database of all the world's operating refineries. Meanwhile Global Refinery Projects is a database of new refinery projects and upgrading projects, whatever stage of development they are at and an archive of completed projects. In case you also often need to find information on refineries by company, there is an alternative index of Refining Companies, though the final information will be the same.

This section will also host technical and other information on refining. A Glossary of Petroleum Refining Terms can be found here. An Introduction to Refining section, gives the basics of how refining works.

I will be building a database of Non Conventional Refineries as well, including CTL & GTL plants. We also have a list of Condensate Splitters and Heavy Oil Upgraders

Templates for new pages are Refinery Page and Refinery Project Page