National Refinery Limited (NRL)

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Summary Information Ownership: Attock Oil Website: Location: Karachi, Pakistan Capacity: 2.71 million tons/annum & 54.000 bbl/day Nelson Complexity: Brief Description A small simple refinery The refinery complex of the Company comprises of three refineries, consisting of two lube refineries and one fuel refinery. Refining Units Crude Distillation Unit Vacuum Distillation Unit Naphtha Hydro treating Unit Platforming Unit Kero Hydro treating Unit Terminal Capacity Crude Oil: 163,000 tons Refined Products: 90,000 tons Crude Supply S. Arabia, Pakistan Products Produced Motor Gasoline (MOGAS) Kerosene (SKO) Jet A-1 JP-8 High Speed diesel Oil (HSD) Light diesel oil (LDO) Furnace Oil (F.O) Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Naphtha Asphalt Unit Ongoing Projects See National Refinery Limited Upgrading Project A slurry hydrocracker is being added to eliminate fuel oil & increase diesel & lubricant production NRL is presently producing HSD of around 1.0 % sulfur content. In view of clean fuel quality requirements, NRL is planning upgradation of its facilities to enable production of HSD of 0.05 wt. % Sulfur content. Ultimate aim is to reduce sulfur further to 50 parts per million. UOP, an international process designer & licensor, is carrying out techno economic feasibility for conversion of redundant Kero Hydrobon unit to Diesel service. After project completion, NRL will be the first refinery in Pakistan to produce diesel of low sulfur upto 500 ppm and further to less than 50 ppm - ULSD, i.e. Euro IV Specification. Other Information - History 1966 - First Lube Refinery commissioned by Snamprogetti with designed capacity of 539,700 tons per annum of Crude Processing and 76,200 tones per annum of Lube Base Oils. 1977 - The Fuel Refinery commissioned with designed capacity of 1,500,800 tones per annum of Crude processing and after revamp the designed capacity comes to 2,170,800 tones per annum of Crude processing. 1985 - Second Lube Refinery commissioned with designed capacity of 100,000 tons per annum of Lube Base Oils. 1985 - The BTX unit was commissioned with design capacity of 25,000 tons per annum of BTX 2005 - The refinery was privatised, and purchased by Attock Oil Relevant Links Profile from Oil Companies Advisory Committee Saipem Grass Roots Refineries Saipem Atmospheric Crude Distillation Units Saipem Vacuum Distillation Units Saipem Asphalt Bitumen Blowing Unit Honeywell UOP Technology for Upgrading the Bottom of the Barrel Selected for Refnery Expansion in Pakistan