Limay Refinery

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Summary Information

  • Ownership: Petron
  • Website:
  • Location: Limay, Bataan, Philippines
  • Capacity: 9 million tons/annum & 180,000 bbl/day
  • Nelson Complexity:

Refining Units

Atmospheric Distillation Vacuum Distillation Unit Isomerization Unit 10,000 bbl/day CCR Platformer - UOP - 17,000 bbl/day Gasoil Hydrotreater Fluidized Catalytic Cracker 19,000 bbl/day Penex unit - UOP - 10,000 bbl/day Propylene Recovery Unit BTX Unit

Terminal Capacity

Crude Oil: Refined Products:

Crude Supply


Products Produced

LPG, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, kerosene, industrial fuel oil, solvents, asphalts, and the petrochemical feedstocks-mixed xylene and propylene.


Other Information



  • 1960 - Refinery commissioned
  • 2005 - Isomerization Unit and Gasoil Hydrotreater commissioned
  • 2008 - Fluidized Catalytic Cracker and a Propylene Recovery Unit commssioned
  • 2009 - Benzene, Toluene and Xylene unit starts production
  • 2011 - Refinery upgrade project launched


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