Kubiki Refinery

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Also known as Teiseki Refinery

Summary Information Ownership: Inpex Website: http://www.inpex.co.jp/ Location: Niigata prefecture in northern Japan Capacity: million tons/annum & 4,700 bbl/day Nelson Complexity: Refining Depth: Brief Description A small scale condensate refinery, it is Japan's smallest refinery Refining Units Atmospheric Distillation LPG recovery equipment 250kl/d (1,573bbl/d) Chemical treating unit 190kl/d (1,195bbl/d) Terminal Capacity Crude Oil: 4 tanks (9,100kl) Refined Products: 24 tanks (17,860kl) LPG: 4 tanks (150t) Crude Supply Domestically produced gas condensate, orginally from the Kubiki Oil and Gas Field. Since 2001 it has processed the condensate produced from the Minami Nagaoka Gas Field Products Produced - Ongoing Projects - Other Information The refinery has been closed down History 1963 - The refinery is commissioned 2001 - Started to process condensate produced from the Minami Nagaoka Gas Field 2012 - Inpex announces it is to close the refinery 2012 - Kubiki Refinery closed Relevant Links Inpex to close smallest Japan refinery by end of 2012 Termination of refining business at the “Kubiki Refinery”, Japan