Huajin Refinery

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Summary Information Ownership: China North Industry Group Corporation (CNGC) Website: Location: Panjin city, Liaoning province, Northeast China Capacity: 5.0 million tons/annum & 100,000 bbl/day Nelson Complexity: Refining Depth: Refining Units Atmospheric Distillation, 5 million mt/year, delayed coking unit 1.2million mt/year, hydro-cracking unit a 1.8 million mt/year, gasoil hydrogenation unit 2 million mt/year, naphtha-fed steam cracker 450,000 mt/year Terminal Capacity Crude Oil: 650.000 Cubic Metres Refined Products: Crude Supply Imported crude cargoes will be unloaded at the 300,000 dwt berth at Yingkou port Products Produced It can produce nearly 2 million mt/year of gasoil, 300,000 mt/year of kerosene, 950,000 mt/year of naphtha, and 126,500 mt/year of LPG, Ongoing Projects - Other Information - History - Relevant Links -