Eastern Refinery Limited

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Summary Information Ownership: Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation Website: http://www.erl.com.bd/ Location: Chittagong, Bangladesh Capacity: 1.5 million tons/annum & 33,000 bbl/day Nelson Complexity: Brief Description Eastern Refinery Limited is a small and simple refinery Refining Units CDU Terminal Capacity Crude Oil: Refined Products: Crude Supply ERL processes mainly two types of crude oil - Arabian Light Crude (ALC) from Saudi Arabia and Murban Crude from Abu Dhabi. Products Produced RG (Refinery Gas), LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), SBP (Special Boiling Point Solvent), MS (Motor Spirit), Naphtha, SKO (Superior Kerosene Oil), MTT (Mineral Turpentine), JP-1, JBO (Jute Batching Oil), HSD (High Speed Diesel), LSDO (Low Sulphur Diesel Oil), LDO (Light Diesel Oil), HSFO (High Sulphur Fuel Oil), LSFO (Low Sulphur Furnace Oil) and Bitumen. Ongoing Projects See Eastern Refinery Limited BMRE Expansion Project ERL is studying plans for expansion of its refining facility The objective of ERL's BMRF project is to expand the refinery capacity from 1.5 million MTPA to 4.5 million MTPA and produce 90-95 RON Gasoline, maximize HSD, SKO and enhance bitumen products while minimize FO. History 1968 - Refinery commissioned Other Information ERL plays a vital role in supplying around 40% of the country’s current petroleum products’ demand and thus maintains stability in the POL Products’ market of the country. Relevant Links Eastern Refinery Limited, Banglapedia