Daqing Petrochemical Refinery

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Summary Information Ownership: Daqing Petrochemical (Petrochina/CNPC) Website: http://www.petrochina.com.cn/Ptr/ List of Petrochina Refineries Location: Daqing Region, China Capacity: million tons/annum & bbl/day Nelson Complexity: Refining Units CDU VDU Hydrocracker - UOP Catalytic Cracking Terminal Capacity Crude Oil: Refined Products: Crude Supply The crude oil processed at Daqing Petrochemical comes from the Company's own production in the Daqing oil region. Crude oil supplied to Daqing Petrochemical is transported from the Daqing oil region by pipelines. Products Produced Gasoline, Diesel, lubricants, parafin and jet fuel Ongoing Projects - Other Information - History - Relevant Links CNPC Refining & Chemicals Petrochina Prospectus PetroChina Selects UOP’s Unicracking™ Technology for New Hydrocracking Unit at Dagang