Bina Refinery

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Summary Information

  • Ownership: Bharat Oman Refineries Limited (BORL), (Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) )
  • Website:
  • Location: Bina, Madhya Pradesh
  • Capacity: 7.8 million tons/annum & 156,000 bbl/day
  • Nelson Complexity: 10.0
  • Refining Depth:

Brief Description

  • A medium sized complex refinery

Refining Units

  • Atmospheric Distillation
  • Hydrocracker
  • Diesel Hydro Treater Unit
  • Coker
  • Isomerization (PENEX) Unit
  • Continuous Catalyst Regeneration & Reforming Unit (CCR)
  • LPG Treating
  • ATF Merox Unit
  • Sulphur Recovery Unit
  • Power Plant

Terminal Capacity

  • Crude Oil:
  • Refined Products:

Crude Supply

  • The single point mooring, crude oil terminal and crude oil pipeline from Vadinar to Bina will be shared and a new crude oil pipeline will be laid from Bina to Lohagara.

Products Produced

  • Bina Refinery configuration is capable to produce Euro-3/Euro-4 quality specifications of Gasoline & Diesel Products. Sulphur is the by-product from the refinery


  • The refinery was expanded to 7.8 Million tons per year, through a debottlenecking project
  • For details of the original construction see Bina Refinery Project

Other Information



  • 2011 - Refinery Commissioned
  • 2018 - Refinery debottlenecking project completed


  1. Environmental clearance, debottlenecking project
  2. BPCL to raise Bina refinery capacity to 9 mt
  3. Bina refinery's two units go on-stream