Bangchak Refinery

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Summary Information

Refining Units

  • Atmospheric Distillation
  • Hydrocracker
  • Hydrogen Unit -
  • Diesel Hydrotreater
  • Isomerisation Unit
  • Sulphur Recovery -

Terminal Capacity

  • Crude Oil:
  • Refined Products:

Crude Supply

  • The refinery processes domestic Pattani and Wichian Buri crude oil
  • It has also processed Malaysia’s and Brunei’s crude oil

Products Produced

  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Gasoline, Gasohol E10, E20, E85, Jet Fuel, PowerD (High Speed Diesel) and Fuel oil.


  • An upgrade project was completed in 2009
  • See Bangchak Refinery Product Quality Improvement Project
  • This project included the revamping and expansion work of its existing plant units with processing capacity 120,000 BPSD, and 6 new units (Hydrocarbon Complex with capacity 25,000 BPSD).
  • Following completion, the products of Bangchak oil refinery meet the most stringent specifications, including low-sulfur gasoline & low-sulfur diesel.

Other Information

  • The refinery utilises natural gas for energy


  • 1964 - Refinery commissioned
  • 1969 - Capacity increased to 68,000 bpd (Toyo Thai)
  • 1993 - Capacity increased to 120,000 bpd
  • 2009 - Bangchak Refinery Product Quality Improvement Project completed
  • 2010 - Cogeneration plant completed
  • 2012 - A fire occurred in the crude unit
  • 2016 - Contract awarded for CCR Reforming unit


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