Attock Refinery Limited (ARL)

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Summary Information Ownership: Attock Oil Website: Location: Morgah, Pakistan Capacity: 2.15 million tons/annum & 43.000 bbl/day Nelson Complexity: Refining Units Crude Distillation Unit Catalytic Reformer Terminal Capacity Crude Oil: Refined Products: Crude Supply It possesses the capability to process lightest to heaviest (10-65 API) crudes. Products Produced LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GAS (LPG) PETROLEUM SOLVENT GRADE 45/120 NAPHTHA UNLEADED PREMIUM MOTOR GASOLINE (PMG) MINERAL TURPENTINE (MTT) JP-1 JP-8 KEROSENE OIL HIGH SPEED DIESEL (HSD) LIGHT DIESEL OIL (LDO) JUTE BATCHING OIL (JBO) FURNACE FUEL OIL (FFO) LOW SULFUR FUEL OIL (LSFO) RESIDUEL FURNACE OIL (RFO) PAVING GRADE ASPHALTS 1 - GRADE: 80/100 2 - GRADE: 60/70 CUT BACK ASPHALTS 1 - GRADE MC-70 2 - GRADE RC-70 3 - GRADE RC-250 POLYMER MODIFIED BITUMEN (PMB) Ongoing Projects The company is to build the following units Preflash Unit (12,400 BPD) Crude processing capacity enhancement Isomerization Unit (7,000 BPD) -To increase the gasoline RON and reduce benzene and aromatics A Cross Country Pipeline from Machike-Taru Jabba-Peshawar (100,000 BPD) Diesel Hydro-Desulphurization (HSD) Unit, Capacity 12,500 BPD. Other Information - History ARL is the pioneer of crude oil refining in the country with its operations dating back to 1922. Backed by a rich experience of more than 85 years of successful operations, ARL’s plants have been gradually upgraded/replaced with state-of-the-art hardware to remain competitive and meet new challenges and requirements. It all began in February 1922, when two small stills of 2,500 barrel per day (bpd) came on stream at Morgah following the first discovery of oil at Khaur where drilling started on January 22, 1915 and at very shallow depth of 223 feet 5,000 barrels of oil flowed. After discovery of oil in Dhulian in 1937, the Refinery was expanded in late thirties and early fourties. A 5,500 bpd Lummus Two-Stage-Distillation Unit, a Dubbs Thermal Cracker, Lubricating Oil Refinery and Wax Purification facility and the Edeleanu Solvent Extraction unit for smoke-point correction of Kerosene were added. There were subsequent discoveries of oil at Meyal and Toot (1968). Reservoir studies during the period 1970-78 further indicated high potential for crude oil production of around 20,000 bpd. In 1981, the capacity of Refinery was increased by the addition of two distillation units of 20,000 and 5,000 bpd capacity, respectively. Due to their vintage, the old units for lube/wax production, as well as Edeleanu, were closed down in 1986. In 1999, ARL commenced JP-1 pipeline despatches, and in 2000, a Captive Power Plant with installed capacity of 7.5 Megawatt was commissioned. Another expansion and upgradation project was completed in 1999 with the installation of a Heavy Crude Unit of 10,000 bpd and a Catalytic Reformer of 5,000 bpd. ARL’s current nameplate capacity stands at 43,000 bpd and it Relevant Links Profile from Oil Companies Advisory Committee