Aruba Refinery

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Summary Information Ownership: Valero Website: List of Valero Refineries Location: San Nicolas, Aruba Capacity: 11.75 million tons/annum & 235,000 bbl/day Nelson Complexity: Refining Units Atmospheric Distillation Units Vacuum Distillation Unit - 160,000 Delayed Cokers - 64,000 Visbreaker - 42,000 Hydrotreatment units Terminal Capacity Crude Oil: Refined Products: Total: Sixty-three storage tanks with almost 12 million barrels of storage capacity Crude Supply Lower-cost heavy sour crude oil including Maya Crude Oil Products Produced High quality distillates Semi finished motor fuels to be upgraded in Valero's other refineries Ongoing Projects Valero did plan to build an the Aruba LNG Terminal to supply the refinery with natural gas Other Information The refinery has been closed down History Commissioned in 1929 by Standard Oil 1985 - Shut down by Exxon 1990 - Restarted by Coastal Oil 2004 - Purchased by Valero from El Paso Energy 2009 - Refinery mothballed for economic reasons 2010 - Valero announces the restart of the refinery 2012 - Valero announces indefinite mothballing of the refinery 2012 - Valero announces the layoff of workers and conversion to terminal


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