Alberto Pasqualini REFAP Refinery

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Summary Information

Brief Description

  • Refap is the fifth largest refinery in Brazil

Refining Units

  • Atmospheric Distillation
  • Diesel Desulphurisation Unit - 5,000 m3 / day
  • Naphtha Desulphurisation
  • Residue Catalytic Cracking Unit (RFCC)
  • Delayed Coking Unit (UCR),
  • Hydrogen Generating Unit (UGH)
  • Sulphur Recovery Unit

Terminal Capacity

  • Crude Oil:
  • Refined Products:

Crude Supply

  • The refinery processes heavy crude

Products Produced

  • Current production consists mainly of diesel and gasoline, in addition to petrochemical naphtha, propylene, LPG, jet fuel, fuel oil, and asphalt


  • A major upgrade was completed in 2006

Other Information



  • 1968 - Refinery Commissioned with capacity of 45,000 bpd
  • 2001 - Repsol had acquired a 30% stake
  • 2006 - The refining capacity was increased from 130 thousand to 190 thousand barrels per day, and its operational complexity was enhanced for the processing of heavier crude
  • 2010 - Petrobras acquires Repsol's 30% stake in the refinery
  • 2019 - Privatisation process launched


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