Outer Habour LNG Terminal Project

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Summary Information

  • Ownership: https://veniceenergy.com/
  • Website: Venice Energy
  • Location: Outer Harbor, Adelaide
  • Capacity: million tons/annum
  • Status: Under construction

Brief Description

Technical Details

  • Storage capacity:
  • Unloading capacity:
  • Send out capacity:
  • Constructor:
    • Austral Construction: Supply and installation of piles, concrete to build berthing and mooring infrastructure, internal roads and paving
    • GasLog: Provision of Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU)

Ongoing Projects/Project Status

  • Under construction, commisioning is expected in 2024

Suppliers / Customers

  • Suppliers:
  • Customers: Venice will rent capacity at the terminal to local gas suppliers


  • 2021 - Contracts signed for construction and vessel
  • 2021 - The South Australian Government approved the construction

Other Information



  1. Outer Harbor Project secures leading international LNG shipping partner
  2. Venice signs up Austral Construction for early contractor works
  3. LNG import terminal granted development approval