Świnoujście Polskie LNG Terminal

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Summary Information

  • Ownership: Polskie LNG
  • Website: http://en.polskielng.pl/
  • Location: Swinoujscie
  • Capacity: 4.0 million tons/annum
  • Status: In operation

Brief Description

  • The facility is the first such installation in central Europe

Technical Details

  • Storage capacity: Two LNG storage tanks, each with a capacity of 160,000 cubic metres
  • Unloading capacity: Tankers with a capacity of up to 216,000 m³
  • Send out capacity: 5 bn m³ of natural gas annually
  • Constructor:
    • Feasibility Study performed by an international consortium, including ILF
    • The terminal was designed by Canadian SNC Lavalin Services Ltd.
    • The General Contractor of the project is a Polish-Italian consortium Saipem – Techint – PBG
    • The project was supervised by British Atkins Ltd.
  • Expansion
    • TGE: Construction of LNG tank, Vapourisers and Jetty

Ongoing Projects/Project Status

  • The LNG terminal was completed in 2016
  • The terminal is being expanded with the addition of another tank, 2 more vapourisers and an extra Jetty

Suppliers / Customers

  • Suppliers: Qatar Gas is to supply the terminal
  • Customers: Polish domestic consumption. The grid is to be supplied by a new gas pipeline on the Świnoujście-Szczecin route with a diameter of 800 mm and approx. 80 km in length


  • 2006 - Feasibility report awarded
  • 2010 - The project received financial support from the EU
  • 2011 - The EIB signs a loan agreement for the project
  • 2011 - GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. signed an agreement for the construction of the Świnoujście-Szczecin gas pipeline
  • 2012 - EBRD signs PLN 300 million loan deal
  • 2012 - A study was launched into possible capacity expansion
  • 2016 - The terminal entered operation
  • 2020 - Contracts for expansion project awarded

Other Information

  • Up to 310 million (€ 80 million) in funding will come from the EU
  • The European Investment Bank (EIB) will provide 600 mln PLN
  • The EBRD is providing PLN 300 million


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