Hachinohe LNG terminal (Re-shipment)

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Summary Information Ownership: Nippon Oil Website: http://www.noe.jx-group.co.jp/ Location: Port Island, Kawaragi District, Port of Hachinohe, Aomori, Japan Capacity: 60,000 tons tons/annum Status: In Operation Brief Description A very small satellite LNG terminal exists, but is to be replaced by a larger terminal which will be commissioned in 2015 Technical Details Storage capacity: Current:4,500KL x 1, Planned: 140,000KL x 2 Unloading capacity: Send out capacity: Current: Vaporizers (4 units with a capacity of 2tons per hour) Planned: Constructor: JGC to construct new terminal Licensor: Ongoing Projects/Project Status New LNG Terminal construction will begin during 2010 Operations in start up planned for April 2015. The project encompasses the construction of two LNG tanks with a capacity of 140,000 cubic meters each, unloading facilities for LNG tankers, loading facilities for coastal tankers, regasification facilities, loading facilities for tank cars, etc. JGC will take charge of all EPC work excepting the LNG tank erection and part of the marine civil work. Suppliers / Customers Suppliers: Chevron Australia will supply 300,000 tons of gas from the Gorgon LNG Terminal JX Nippon will supply LNG sourced from Shell from 2015 Customers: the terminal will be built to supply with the demand growth particularly in industrial sector History 2007 - Terminal began operations 2012 - JX Nippon signs purchase agreement with Shell to supply the terminal Other Information - Relevant Links Construction of "Hachinohe LNG Terminal" and signing of HOA with Chevron for the purchase of the Gorgon LNG JGC Awarded LNG Receiving Terminal Project in Japan JX Nippon: Signing of SPA with Shell Eastern Trading Pte Ltd