Francisco I. Madero Ciudad Refinery

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Summary Information Ownership: Pemex Website: List of Pemex Refineries Location: Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas, Mexico Capacity: 7,5 million tons/annum & 190,000bbl/day Nelson Complexity: Refining Depth: Refining Units Atmospheric Distillation Crude & Vac. Unit - 137,000 BPSD - IMP Delayed Coker - 50,000 BPSD - F.W Gas Oil HDDS Plant - 49,700 BPSD - ABB.L Alkylation Plant - 9,300 BPSD - UOP Amine Treatment Plant - 34,280 BPSD - IMP Sour Water Treatment - 10,000 BPSD - IMP MTBE Plant - 100,000 BPSD - CD TECH TAME Plant - 100,000 BPSD - CD TECH Hydrogen Plant - 42 MMSCFD - Lurgi Sulfur Recovery Plant - 600 T/H - Lurgi Naphtha Reformer - 10,000 BPSD - UOP FCC No.2 Plant - 30,500 BPSD - ABB.L Crude & Vac.(BA) Plant - 40,000 BPSD - IMP FCC No.1 Plant - 30,000 BPSD - IMP Crude & Vac.(MF) Plant - 13,000 BPSD - IMP Turbosene/Diesel HDS - 15,000 BPSD - IMP Kerosene/Diesel HDS - 25,000 BPSD - IMP Coking Naphtha HDS - 12,000 BPSD - IMP Terminal Capacity Crude Oil: Refined Products: Crude Supply Heavy Mexican Maya Crude Oil Products Produced - Ongoing Projects The refinery is adding catalytic gasoline desulfurization plants, amine regeneration units, offsites, and utilities. Other Information The refinery was upgraded between 1999 & 2002. The modernization was designed to substantially reduce air and liquid emissions and surface water consumption at the refinery. It also helped satisfy growing regional demand for unleaded gasoline to meet Mexican environmental regulations, assisted Mexico's electric utilities in shifting consumption from high sulfur fuel oil to natural gas, increased light fuel production while reducing heavy fuel oil production, and expanded refining capacity. The project was supported by EX-IM bank. History 1918 - Refinery Commissioned 2002 - Major upgrade and expansion completed by SK Engineering 2009 - ICA Fluor Wins Clean Fuels Project 2012 - Fire in a desulphurisation Unit 2014 - FW awarded contract for Coker Slide Valves 2014 - A worker was killed in a fire in the coke drum


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