Foster Wheeler Delayed Cokers

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VALERO Valero Texas City Refinery, USA EPC in less than 28 months, under budget, from process design to ‘oil in’. Coker process 45,000 bpsd in four drums. PETRONOR Bilbao Refinery, Spain Process design, FEED and EPC for 36,000 bpsd delayed coker, plus coke handling and storage facilities, and a gas concentration unit. PETROX Talcahuano, Chile We designed, supplied and built a new 12,000 bpsd delayed coking plant at this innovative PetropowerTM combined coker/cogeneration facility. SINCOR Sincor Heavy Crude Upgrader, Venezuela EPCm for debottlenecking and shutdown. One of four Orinoco upgraders; we provided delayed coking technology for three. MOL Danube Duna Refinery, Hungary Recent revamp and expansion increased capacity by 27% to 26,400 bpsd. RELIANCE INDUSTRIES Jamnagar Refinery II , India Huge new eight-drum 160,000 bpsd delayed coking unit, one of the largest in the world, and four Terrace-WallTM delayed coker heaters. BP Castellon Refinery, Spain FEED and EPC for new 20,000 bpsd coker and design, engineering, procurement and supply of 43.5 MW double-fired Terrace-WallTM heater. ENERCON Aconcagua Concon Refinery, Chile Feasibility study, basic design and EPC of a 20,000 bpsd coking facility, including amine regeneration unit, sour water stripping and coke handling facilities. INDIAN OIL CORPORATION Gujarat Refinery, India License and basic engineering for new 3.7 mtpa delayed coker, part of IOCL’s residue upgrading program. REPSOL YPF Cartagena Refinery, Spain license, process design package and EPCs for a 53,000 bpsd delayed coker unit, gas concentration unit and 90,000 bpsd vacuum distillation unit. BP Whiting Refinery, US License, process design package and EPCm for coker project to increase refinery’s ability to process Canadian heavy crude. SAUDI ARAMCO/TOTAL Jubail Refinery Project, Saudi Arabia Process design package for a new delayed coker, part of the Jubail Export Refinery, a grassroots full conversion refinery designed to process Arabian heavy crude

PetroCanad Alberta Can 141,000 2010 Flint Hills Corpus Christ 15,500 R 2008 Pemex Salina Cruz 76,362 2010 Confid US 102,000 R 2008 Repsol YPF Argentina 28,000 2009 Confid US 73,000 R 2008 Naftan Belarus 23,000 2009 Sincor Venezuela 120,000 R 2007 United Pennsylvani a 14,400 2009 BP Spain 20,000 R 2007 Petronor Spain 35,500 2009 FHR Texas 15,500 R 2007 Idemitsu Japan 35,000 2009 ExxonMobil Beaumont 45,000 2006 Cosmo Japan 25,000 2009 Pemex Minatitlan 55,794 2005 Petropower Chile 18,200 R 2008 Emerol Turkmenista n 17598 R 2004 CNOOC China 77,000 R 2008 Premcor, 843 Port Arthur 105,000 R 2004 FHR Minnnesota 38,000 R 2008 Reliance India 150,000 R 2004 Rompetrol Romania 18,100 2008 RPC Chile 20,000 R 2003 Reliance#2 India 160,000 2008 Citgo Corpus Christ 43,000 R 2003 CHS Montana 15,000 2008 Citgo Coker II Lake Charles 69,300 R 2003

Pemex Madero, Mexico 2003 Coastal Corp. Corpus Christi, TX 1981 Valero Texas City, TX 2003 Exxon Baton Rouge, LA 1980 Cerro Negro Jose, Venezuela 2002 Shell Nederland Chem Moerdijk, The Nether 1977 Pemex Cadereyta, Mexico 2002 Rafinor Mongstad, Norway 1975 Hamaca Jose, Venezuela 2002 Chevron Salt Lake City, UT 1973 Sincor Jose, Venezuela 2002 Atlantic Richfield Cherry Point, WA 1972 MOL Szazhalombatta, Hungar 2001 Gelsenberg-Benzin A. GGelsenkirchen, Ger m1972 Premcor Port Arthur, TX 2000 Clark Oil Hartford, IL 1970 Shell Oil Company Deer Park, TX 2000 Conoco Immingham, Englan d 1970 Petropower (ENAP) Concepcion, Chile 1998 Conoco Immingham, Englan d 1970 Reliance Jamnagar, India 1998 Crown Central Petro. CHouston, TX 1970 Lyondell-Citgo Houston, TX 1997 Sinclair Refining Co. Houston, TX 1970 Shell Oil Company Martinez, CA 1996 Atlantic Richfield Watson, CA 1969 Maraven Cardon, Venezuela 1995 Standard Oil of Califor El Segundo, CA 1969 Shell Oil Company Deer Park, TX 1995 Humble Oil & Refining Baton Rouge, LA 1968 Lagoven Amuay, Venezuela 1994 Marathon Burghausen, Germa n1968 Husky Oil Saskatchewan, Canada 1992 Richfield Wilmington, CA 1967 Repsol Petroleo Puertollano, Spain 1990 Marathon Oil Co. Robinson, IL 1966 YPF Lujan De Cuyo, Argenti n 1989 RAF. Sisak Pancevo, Yugoslavi a 1966 Kukdong Oil (Hyunda South Korea 1988 Shell Oil Company Norco, LA 1966 YPF La Plata, Argentina 1988 Humble Oil & Refining Baton Rouge, LA 1965 Esso A.G. Karlsruhe, Germany 1985 Texaco Lockport, IL 1963 Champlin Petroleum Corpus Christi, TX 1983 American Gilsonite Grand Junction, CO 1957 Chevron Pascagoula, MS 1983 Texas Company El Paso, TX 1955 Cities Service Lake Charles, LA 1983 McColl Frontenac Ltd. Alberta, Canada 1952