Asian Refineries

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For information on new refinery projects and upgrades in the region, see Asian Refinery Projects



Sinopec Refineries

  • Anqing Company Refinery 110,000 bbl/d
  • Beihai Company Refinery (Sinopec), 1,200 bbl/d (190 m³/d)
  • Beijing Yanshan Company Refinery (Sinopec), 200,000 bbl/d
  • Cangzhou Company Refinery (Sinopec), 7,000 bbl/d (1,100 m³/d)
  • CPCC Changling Company Refinery (Sinopec), 100,000 bbl/d
  • CPCC Guangzhou Branch Refinery (Sinopec), 15,000 bbl/d (2,400 m³/d)
  • Fujian Refining and Petrochemical, 240,000 bbl/d
  • Guangzhou Company Refinery

Hainan Refinery, 160,000 bbl/d Jinan Company Refinery (Sinopec), 2,100 bbl/d Jingmen Company Refinery (Sinopec), 120,000 bbl/d Jinling Company Refinery (Sinopec), 260,000 bbl/d Jiujiang Company Refinery - 100,000 bbl/d Luoyang Company Refinery (Sinopec), 10,000 bbl/d (1,600 m³/d) Maoming Company Refinery (Sinopec), 26,500 bbl/d Qilu Refinery (Qilu Petrochemical Corporation), 210,000 bbl/d Qingdao Refinery, Qingdao Refining & Chemical Co, 200,000 bbl/d Shanghai Gaoqiao Company Refinery (Sinopec), 220,000 bbl/d Shijiazhuang Refinery, 84,000 bbl/d Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company Refinery (Sinopec), 220,000 bbl/d Tahe Company Refinery Tianjin Company Refinery (Sinopec), 10,000 bbl/d Wuhan Company Refinery (Sinopec), 8,000 bbl/d (1,300 m³/d) Yangzi Petrochemical Refinery Zhenhai Refinery (Sinopec), 462,000 bbl/d Petrochina/CNPC Refineries

Anshan Refinery Dalian Petrochemical Refinery (CNPC), 400.000 bbl/d Daqing Petrochemical Refinery (CNPC), 121.500 bbl/d Dushanzi Refinery (CNPC) 120,000 bpd Fushun Petrochemical Refinery (CNPC), 186,200 bbl/d Germu Refinery Golmud Refinery Guangxi Qinzhou Refinery Harbin Refinery Hohhot Petrochemical Refinery, 100,000 bpd Huabei Petrochemical Refinery Huhehaote Refinery Jilin Chemical Refinery (CNPC), 113.400 bbl/d Jilin Oil Field Refinery Jinzhou Petrochemical Refinery (CNPC), 112,000 bbl/d Jinxi Refinery (CNPC), 111,300 bbl/d Lanzhou Refinery (CNPC), 111,300 bbl/d Lanzhou Petrochemical Company Refinery Liaoyang Petrochemical Refinery Linyuan Refinery Majiatan Refinery Maling Refinery Nanchong Refinery Ningxia Yinchuan Refinery Urumqi Petrochemical Refinery (CNPC), 101,000 bbl/d Yumen Refining and Petrochemical Plant Others

Baota Petrochemical Refinery chng choo refinery 20,000bbl/d Dongying Yatong Petrochemical Refinery Hebei Zhongjie Cangzhou Refinery, CNOOC Hengyuan Petrochemical Refinery Huajin Refinery, (CNGC) 100.000 bbl/d Huifeng Petrochemical Refinery Huizhou Refinery (CNOOC), 240.000 bbl/d Kenli Petrochemical Refinery Liaoning Refinery Huajin Chemical, 100.000 bbl/d Lijin Petrochemical Refinery Ningbo Haiyue Petrochemical Refinery Quanzhou Fujian Refinery - Sinochem Shandong Dongming Refinery Taizhou Refinery (CNOOC), 60,000 bpd Yanan Refinery, Yanchang Petroleum, 160,000 bpd Yongping Refinery, Yanchang Petroleum, 90,000 bpd Yulin Refinery, Yanchang Petroleum, 36,000 bpd West Pacific Petrochemical, Dalian (WEPEC), 200,000 bbl/d (32,000 m³/d) Xinhai Group Refinery India Oil Refineries Indian Oil Refineries

Bongaigaon Refinery , 48,000 bbl/d Barauni Refinery , 116,000 bbl/d Digboi Refinery (IOC), 13,000 bbl/d Gujarat Refinery (IOC), 170,000 bbl/d Guwahati Refinery (IOC), 20,000 bbl/d Haldia Refinery (IOC), 116,000 bbl/d Mathura Refinery (IOC), 156,000 bbl/d Narimanam refinery 20,000 bbl/day Panipat Refinery (IOC), 240,000 bbl/d Paradip Refinery - 300,000 bbl/d Others

Bina Refinery Chennai Refinery (CPCL), 185,000 bbl/d Essar Vadinar Refinery (Essar), 240,000 bbl/d Jamnagar Refinery I (Reliance Petroleum), 660,000 bbl/d Jamnagar Refinery II (Reliance Petroleum), 580,000 bbl/d Kochi Refinery (Kochi Refineries Ltd), 172,000 bbl/d Mangalore Refinery (MRPL), 190,000 bbl/d (30,000 m³/d) Mumbai Refinery (HPCL), 107,000 bbl/d Mumbai Refinery Mahaul (BPCL), 135,000 bbl/d Nagapattnam Refinery (CPCL), 20,000 bbl/d Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL), 58,000 bbl/d Tatipaka Refinery (ONGC), 1,600 bbl/d Visakhapatnam Refinery (HPCL), 150,000 bbl/d Indonesia Balikpapan Refinery (Pertamina), 260,000 bbl/d Balongan Refinery (Pertamina), 125,000 bbl/d Cepu Refinery (Pertamina), 3,800 bbl/d (600 m³/d) Cilacap Refinery (Pertamina), 348,000 bbl/d Dumai Refinery (Pertamina), 120,000 bbl/d Kasim Refinery (Pertamina), 10,000 bbl/d Pangkalan Brandan Refinery (Pertamina), 5,000 bbl/d Plaju Refinery (Pertamina), 135,200 bbl/d Sungai Pakning Refinery (Pertamina), 50,000 bbl/d Tuban TPPI Refinery Japan Cosmo Oil

Chiba Refinery (Cosmo Oil), 220,000 bbl/d Sakai Refinery (Cosmo Oil), 100,000 bbl/d Sakaide Refinery (Cosmo Oil), 110,000 bbl/d Yokkaichi Refinery (Cosmo Oil), 125,000 bbl/d Nippon Oil Corporation

Marifu Refinery, 127,000 bpd Mizushima Refinery (NOC), 250,000 bbl/d Muroran Refinery (NOC), 180,000 bbl/d Negishi Yokahama Refinery (NOC), 340,000 bbl/d Oita Refinery, 136,000 bpd Osaka Refinery (NOC), 115,000 bpd Sendai Refinery (NOC), 145,000 bbl/d Toyama Refinery (Nihonkai Oil/Nippon Oil Corporation (NOC)), 60,000 bbl/d (Closed) Idemitsu Kosan

Aichi Refinery (Idemitsu Kosan), 160,000 bbl/d (25,000 m³/d) Idemitsu Kosan Chiba Refinery (Idemitsu) (Idemitsu Kosan), 220,000 bbl/d (35,000 m³/d) Hokkaido Refinery (Idemitsu Kosan), 140,000 bbl/d (22,000 m³/d) Tokuyama Refinery (Idemitsu Kosan), 120,000 bbl/d (19,000 m³/d) Tonen General Sekiyu/ExxonMobil

Kawasaki Refinery (TonenGeneral Sekiyu/ExxonMobil), 335,000 bbl/d Wakayama Refinery (TonenGeneral Sekiyu/ExxonMobil), 170,000 bbl/d TG Sakai Refinery (TonenGeneral Sekiyu/ExxonMobil), 156,000 bbl/d Showa Shell

Keihin Refinery (Toa Oil/Shell), 185,000 bbl/d Showa Yokkaichi Refinery (Showa Yokkaichi/Shell), 210,000 bbl/d Yamaguchi Refinery (Seibu Oil/Shell), 120,000 bbl/d Others

Chiba Kyokuto Refinery (Kyokuto Petroleum/ExxonMobil), 175,000 bbl/d Kashima Refinery (Kashima Oil Company/Japan Energy), 273,500 bbl/d Kubiki Refinery (Inpex), 4,410 bbl/d Mizushima Refinery (Japan Energy) (Japan Energy), 240,200 bbl/d Nishihara Refinery (Petrobras), 100,000 bbl/d Shikoku Refinery (Taiyo Oil), 120,000 bbl/d Sodegaura Refinery (Fuji Oil Campany), 192,000 bbl/d Malaysia Esso Port Dickson Refinery (ExxonMobil), 86,000 bbl/d Kertih Refinery (Petronas), 114,300 bbl/d Lutong Refinery (Royal Dutch Shell), 45,000 bbl/d - Has been closed. Melaka I Refinery (Petronas), 126,000 bbl/d Melaka II Refinery (Petronas/ConocoPhillips), 130,000 bbl/d Shell Port Dickson Refinery (Royal Dutch Shell), 155,000 bbl/d Myanmar Thanlyin Refinery (Myanma Petro-chemical Enterprise), 26,000 bbl/d Thanbayakan Refinery (Myanma Petro-chemical Enterprise), 25,000 bbl/d Chauk Refinery (Myanma Petro-chemical Enterprise), 6,000 bbl/d Pakistan Attock Refinery Limited (ARL), 46,000 bbl/d Bosicor Balouchistan Refinery (Bosicor Pakistan Limited), 30,000 bbl/d Dhodak Refinery Dhodak Refinery Ltd 2,500 bpd Enar Petroleum Refining Facility (EPRF), 3,000 bbl/d National Refinery Limited (NRL),60,000 bpd Pak-Arab Refinery (100,000 bpd) Pakistan Refinery Limited (PRL), 50,000 bbl/d Papua New Guinea Inter Oil Port Moresby Refinery, (InterOil), 36,000 bbl/d Philippines Batangas Refinery (Caltex-Chevron), 75,000 bbl/d Has been closed Limay Refinery (Petron), 180,000 bbl/d Tabangao Refinery (Royal Dutch Shell), 120,000 bbl/d Singapore Exxon Singapore Refinery (ExxonMobil), 605,000 bbl/d Singapore Refining Corporation Jurong Island Refinery (Singapore Refining Corporation), 285,000 bbl/d Shell Pulau Bukom Refinery (Royal Dutch Shell), 500,000 bbl/d South Korea GS-Caltex Yeosu Refinery (GS-Caltex), 790,000 bbl/d Hyundai Daesan Refinery (Hyundai), 390,000 bbl/d SK Ulsan Refinery (SK Energy), 850,000 bbl/d SK Inchon Refinery (SK Energy), 275,000 bbl/d S-Oil Ulsan Refinery (S-Oil), 580,000 bbl/d Sri Lanka Sapugaskanda Refinery, CPC, 50,000 bbl/d Taiwan Kaohsiung Refinery (CPC), 270,000 bbl/d (43,000 m³/d) Mailiao Refinery (Formosa), 450,000 bbl/d (72,000 m³/d) Talin Refinery (CPC), 300,000 bbl/d (16,000 m³/d) Taoyuan Refinery (CPC), 200,000 bbl/d Thailand PTT Refineries

Bangchak Refinery (Bangchak Petroleum), 120,000 bbl/d IRPC Rayong Refinery (IRPC PLC), 215,000 bbl/d Rayong Refinery (PTTAR), 280,000 bbl/d SPRC Refinery (Star Petroleum Refining Company), 150,000 bbl/d Thai Oil Refinery (Thai Oil Company), 275,000 bbl/d Others

Rayong Purifier Refinery (Rayong Purifier Company), 17,000 bbl/d Sri Racha Refinery (ExxonMobil), 170,000 bbl/d Vietnam Dung Quat Refinery (Petrovietnam) 130,000 bbl/day Relevant Links Petroleum Association of Japan, Statistics Petrochina Prospectus Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology, Indian Oil Sector Map of Japan's Refineries