Refinery Projects completed 2020

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  • About 1.7 million bpd of new capacity was commissioned in 2020


  1. Bongaigaon Refinery Expansion Project, IOCL, India, 45,000 bpd
  2. Guangdong Zhanjiang Refinery Project, Sinopec / KPC, Guangdong, China, 200,000 bpd
  3. Mumbai Refinery Expansion Project MREP, HPCL, India, 40,000 bpd

Middle East

  1. Jizan Refinery Project, Aramco, Saudi Arabia, 400,000 bpd
  2. Al-Zour Refinery Project, KPC, Kuwait, 615,000 bpd
  3. Persian Gulf Star Bandar Abbas Refinery Project, PGS, Iran, 120,000 bpd (Phase 3)
  4. Jebel Ali Refinery Expansion Project, ENOC, UAE, 70,000 bpd


  1. Moscow Refinery Euro V+ Project