LNG Terminal Projects Completed in 2020

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  • Global liquefaction capacity increased by about 20 mn tons with the completion of 3 projects in the USA
  • Regasification capacity increased by about 16 mn tons,

Liquefaction Terminals

  1. The second and third trains of Cameron LNG Export Terminal Project began operations
  2. Phase two of the Elba Island LNG Terminal began operations
  3. The second and third trains of Freeport LNG Terminal began operations

Regasification Terminals

  1. Bahrain Floating LNG Terminal Project
  2. The Ishikari LNG Terminal was expanded
  3. Mundra LNG Terminal
  4. Port Qasim Floating LNG Terminal expansion
  5. Sergipe LNG Terminal
  6. Yangshan Shanghai LNG Terminal
  7. Zhejiang Ningbo LNG Terminal, expansion