Guangdong Huizhou LNG Terminal

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Summary Information

  • Ownership: Guangdong Huizhou LNG
  • Website:
  • Location:
  • Capacity: 6.2 million tons/annum
  • Status: Under construction

Brief Description

  • In the first phase of the project will include the construction of a jetty and three LNG storage tanks of a 200 000 m3 capacity each and will have a regasification capacity of 6.2 MTPA.

Technical Details

  • Storage capacity: 3x 200,000 m3 tanks
  • Unloading capacity:
  • Send out capacity:
  • Constructor:
    • TGE:EPC for three 200,000 m3 prestressed full containment LNG tanks

Ongoing Projects/Project Status

  • Commissioning is expected in 2024

Suppliers / Customers

  • Suppliers:
  • Customers:


  • 2021 - Construction of the project started

Other Information



  1. TGE Shanghai signs tank EPC contract with Guangdong Huizhou LNG Co., Ltd.